IATSE Adds Education, Broadcast Divisions

As of June 4, IATSE will make some changes to its divisional structure, adding two new divisions and combining two existing ones to put more of a focus on broadcast and live theater. The newly-created Division of Education and Training will be headed up by former International Representative Patricia White. The union will also add a Broadcast Division, which will be under the direction of International Representative Sara England.

“Representation of broadcast technicians remains an integral part of this Union, and this change will bring added focus and prominence to those crafts,” said IATSE International President Matthew Leob. Of the Education and Training Division, he said: “Pat has taken on the role of developing these programs with great success. Training and Education are a core part of our priorities for success and I have full confidence in Pat’s ability to further that objective.”

In addition, the current Organizing Division will be folded into the Stagecraft Division. While the other major divisions (Motion Picture and Television Production, Tradeshow and Canadian Affairs) have their own internal organizing functions, Stagecraft will now also have its own as well. Loeb said Stagecraft organizing deserves the advantage of integration that the other divisions have enjoyed. The consolidation particularly makes sense because the current Organizing Division is largely devoted to Stagecraft and Broadcast anyway, each of which will now focus on organizing from within.

The move is seen as a signal of the union’s commitment to organizing all types of productions within its jurisdiction.



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