Who We Are

Media Services is a production payroll, accounting and residuals payment provider with over 35 years’ experience in the United States and abroad. With a dedicated focus on providing resources and information for clients and future clients alike, we make a practice of spreading our film production, union, payroll and accounting knowledge far and wide. We offer frequent seminars on budgeting, residuals and other production issues at our Los Angeles and New York offices, and our expansive knowledge base of free information is available on our website. Visit Media Services online at Media-Services.com.

Showbiz Software is the premier line of production software for the entertainment industry. With its industry-standard Showbiz Timecards software for both crew and talent, the company has been able to reach countless producers, production accountants, studios, networks and independent filmmakers. Applications for film and TV budgeting, cash flows and labor rates round out the Showbiz suite, combining to make it the largest software line in the industry.

For more on the software products and to try out fully functioning demo’s, visit Media-Services.com/Showbiz


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